Area of residence and admissions to care homes for older people: data linkage study of factors associated with entry to care

Dr Mark McCann and Dr Dermot O’Reilly (QUB) Research on admissions to care homes for older people has paid more attention to individual and social characteristics than to geographical factors. This presentation considers rural-urban differences in household composition and admission rates and presents key findings arising from this research. Data on 51,619 people aged 65 … Read more

The Health and Mental Health of Informal Caregivers in Rural and Urban Northern Ireland

Dr Stefanie Doebler (QUB) This presentation discusses new research findings from a project that analyses effects of providing unpaid care to a family member or neighbour on the self-reported health and mental health of the care-giver. The results are based on robust statistical analyses of Northern Ireland Longitudinal Study (NILS)-data. The NILS is a Census-linked … Read more

To Keep a Person in Their Own Wee Corner: An Exploration of the Roles, Responsibilities and Services Provided by Home Helps and Domiciliary Care Workers in a Large Health and Social Care Trust

Dr Kevin Moore (Ulster) Worldwide demographic trends indicate an expansion in the older person population and an increasing need for home-based social care provision. At the same time a number of factors impact on the ability of family members to provide informal care; and there is expected to be a reduction in the numbers of … Read more

The role of the hospice volunteer in two community settings

Jan Draper, George Kernohan and Aine MacNamara (OU and UU) In the United Kingdom, there are between 70,000 and 100,000 hospice volunteers, of whom half have direct patient contact. This presentation will draw on a commissioned literature review that highlighted how ‘volunteering is integral to voluntary action and often motivated by altruism.’ The review concluded … Read more

A time of transition: family caregiving, older people and long-term care

Dr Assumpta Ryan (Ulster) This presentation will bring together the findings from a range of qualitative and mixed methods studies on family caregiving and entry to long-term care from the perspective of older people and their families. The changing philosophy surrounding the provision of health and social care across Europe has resulted in a shift … Read more