Examining the difference in how residential facilities support people with intellectual disabilities with challenging behaviour and/or mental health problems live in the community

Prof Owen Barr, Dr Elizabeth Gallagher, Dr Laurence Taggart, Prof Siobhan O’Neill and Prof Angela Hassiotis (University College Limerick), Mr Paul Webb (Praxis) Over the last 30 years’ services for people with learning disabilities in NI have been transformed with community services. The ‘Equal Live’ Report (2005) and Learning Disability Service Framework document (2012) strongly … Read more

‘Surviving out of the Ashes’: An exploration of Mental Health Recovery in Young Adulthood in Northern Ireland

Dr Claire McCauley, Prof Hugh Mc Kenna, Dr Sinead Keeney and Dr Derek McLaughlin (Ulster) In response to the Bamford Review (2005) recommendations, the Service Framework for Mental Health and Well-being (DHSSPS 2010) indicated mental health recovery must be at the heart of all service and strategy development. This, the first study of its kind, … Read more

A New Mental Health Service Model for NI: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Low Intensity CBT (LI-CBT)

Dr Karen Kirby, Ms Orla Mc Devitt-Petrovic, Dr Orla McBride, Prof Mark Shevlin, Dr Donal McAteer, Dr Colin Gorman and Dr Jamie Murphy (Ulster) In 2010, the Strategy for the Development of Psychological Therapy Services in NI proposed a step care framework (SCF) as the most efficient model of mental health service delivery. A core … Read more

The Health and Mental Health of Informal Caregivers in Rural and Urban Northern Ireland

Dr Stefanie Doebler (QUB) This presentation discusses new research findings from a project that analyses effects of providing unpaid care to a family member or neighbour on the self-reported health and mental health of the care-giver. The results are based on robust statistical analyses of Northern Ireland Longitudinal Study (NILS)-data. The NILS is a Census-linked … Read more

Towards an Understanding of the Role of Bereavement in the Pathway to Suicide

Dr Sharon Mallon (OU) and Dr Karen Galway (QUB) Bereavement is considered to be a common precursor of death by suicide. Studies suggest those bereaved by suicide may be particularly vulnerable to suicide themselves. Recently, there has been a steady rise in the number of deaths by suicide in Northern Ireland. As a result, an … Read more

Using administrative data to understand mental health in Northern Ireland: results from two exemplar projects

Dr Aideen Maguire, Dr Mark McCann, Dr John Moriarty and Dr Dermot O’Reilly (QUB) Mental ill health is a major contributor to the burden of disease among the population. Associations have been found between gender, deprivation and bereavement and mental ill health; but the underlying mechanisms are not well understood. Emerging studies are using a … Read more

The Societal Effects of Sport in Northern Ireland: Examining Marginalisation and Mental Health Issues

Dr David Hassan (Ulster) This presentation will examine a range of societal effects of participation in sport, with a particular emphasis on improving mental health. It will build on a joint ministerial initiative promoting positive mental health in rural communities through sport, which was launched in March 2013. The presentation will also outline a range … Read more

The Impact Study: Improving Mental Health Pathways and Care for Adolescents in Transition to Adult Services in Northern Ireland

Professor Gerard Leavey (Ulster) This presentation will focus on the provision of services for adolescents in Northern Ireland during the transitional stage from Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) to Adult Mental Health Services (AMHS). The Bamford Review highlighted concerns that services in Northern Ireland may be under resourced, patchy and inconsistent in their … Read more

Addressing the over-representation of looked after children with mental health needs and/or disabilities in Northern Ireland

Dr Berni Kelly, Dr Sandra Dowling and Dr Karen Winter (QUB) This presentation will report on a study examining disabled looked after children in Northern Ireland. Evidence indicates that disabled children are over-represented in the public care (DHSSPSNI, 2012; Stalker & McArthur, 2010). However, limited research using differing definitions of disability and inconsistent recording systems … Read more

How will the Mental Capacity (Health, Welfare and Finance) Bill work in practice?

Dr Gavin Davidson (QUB) This presentation will use case examples to demonstrate how the proposed Mental Capacity Bill will provide a comprehensive framework for supported and substitute decision making, for people whose decision-making ability is impaired, in Northern Ireland. The case examples will cover both civil and criminal justice aspects of the new law across … Read more