Reviewing the EU Rural Development Programme

Sally Shortall (QUB)  & Roisin Kelly (NIA): The current Rural Development Programme (RDP), 2007-2013, is worth £540 million pounds to rural areas in Northern Ireland. This seminar considers if there are ways of making the RDP more effective. It considers the importance of the collaborative inclusive LEADER methodology that underpins the RDP for a post-conflict … Read more

Transforming Adult Social Care in Northern Ireland

Dr Ann Marie Gray (UU): Most countries are facing similar challenges with regard to ageing populations and financial pressures on social care. The need to address major deficits in adult social care policy in Northern Ireland has been recognised and there is an expressed commitment to addressing the over-reliance on residential care and support independent … Read more

Is drinking good for teenagers?

Andy Percy & John Moriarty (QUB): Andy and John present different views on the question of teenage drinking. John highlights potential harms of an individual’s alcohol use to their peers and family. To minimise these harms, the best advice for parents and educators may be to discourage any early drinking. Andy argues that if teenagers drink … Read more

Dealing with Suicide

11 April 2013 – Mike Tomlinson (QUB) Dealing with Suicide Suicide rates in Northern Ireland have risen sharply since the late 1990s, contrary to trends in the Republic of Ireland and in England, Scotland and Wales. This seminar examines a number of explanations for the trend, including evidence that it is linked to the conflict. … Read more

Custodial Detention of Children

Dr Una Convery & Dr Linda Moore (UU): The Custodial Detention of Children and the Youth Justice Review This seminar will consider the findings and recommendations relating to the custodial detention of children put forward in ‘A Review of the Youth Justice System in Northern Ireland’, published by the Department of Justice (2011). It will … Read more

Joint Seminar: Human Trafficking & Forced Labour

Prof. Jean Allain (QUB): Human Trafficking: Does Slavery Exist Today This seminar will consider legal issues surrounding human trafficking. Consideration will be given to the definition of trafficking, with an emphasis given to types of exploitation (slavery, servitude, forced labour, exploitation of prostitution) enumerated in the UN and European Conventions and in the 2011 EU … Read more

Child Rights Indicators and Reporting on United Nation’s Convention on the Rights of the Child

Marina Monteith (UU): The seminar will cover research undertaken by the Children and Youth Programme, UNESCO Centre (IRISS UU), producing a set of child rights indicators to assist reporting in relation to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and which further develops the existing Children and Young People’s Strategy outcome indicators within … Read more

Child Care Research, youth development, lifestyles and social behaviour; parenting and early years; children in the care of public authorities and mental health and disability

Laura Dunne (QUB): The Institute of Child Care Research conducts original research into child care needs and services using a mix of research methods with the ultimate aim of improving outcomes for children. The work has the potential to influence both policy and practice related to children and young people. This presentation will give an … Read more

Is the idea that Northern Ireland is over-governed a myth?

Professor Derek Birrell (UU): Much has been said about the extent to which Northern Ireland is over-governed with the solution generally seen in terms of reducing the number of departments. Yet, to define the problem as the number of departments makes presuppositions about the issue. Rather, the core question is what form of central administration … Read more

NI Census of Population and the Northern Ireland Longitudinal Study

Ian Shuttleworth (QUB): NI Census of Population and the Northern Ireland Longitudinal Study will examine residential segregation and population change This seminar based upon data from the NI Census of Population and the Northern Ireland Longitudinal Study will examine residential segregation and population change. This seminar took place on 10 January 2013. Download: Policy Briefing … Read more