Returning to STEM: interventions to support women returners after career breaks

Dr Clem Herman, Dr Elaine Thomas and Dr Katie Chicot (OU) The ratio of male to females employed in STEM-related industries in NI is 3 to 1, yet although the business case for gender equality in STEM has been well recognised in NI policy, little attention has been paid to date to the potential presented … Read more

An exploration of the dynamics of suicide among women

Dr Sharon Mallon (OU) There has been a great deal of concern about the rising rates of suicide in Northern Ireland. To date, the discussion has tended to focus on suicide among men, with little consideration given to suicide among women. This lack of attention is concerning as studies suggest there are important gender differences … Read more

Advancing Gender Equality in Northern Ireland: Addressing Domestic Violence and Human Rights Protections for Women

Prof Monica McWilliams and Prof Fionnuala Ní Aoláin (Ulster) This presentation broadly addresses issues of gender equality in the context of the Northern Ireland transition. It underscores the necessity of advancing a broad equality agenda in post-conflict Northern Ireland, which mandates directly addressing gender-based violence. The speakers’ collective research consistently connects the economic and social … Read more