Waste management and disposal: locating illegal buried waste using remote sensing (satellites, aircraft, drones and geophysics)

Dr Alastair Ruffell (QUB) Buried illegal waste and uncontrolled legal waste dumps are a major problem in Northern Ireland, as well as in Scotland, Ireland, Italy, Canada. The mention of the words ‘Moubouy Road’ are enough to demonstrate to anyone the politically-charged nature of this problem. Yet the environmental (loss of habitat, pollution of groundwater) … Read more

Maximising Production and Biodiversity in NI Agriculture

Prof Ian Montgomery (QUB) Agriculture in Northern Ireland (NI) has changed little from 1970 with its emphasis on grass production and livestock sectors. It is dependent on a narrow range of enterprises and subsidies, and beset by production, waste, financial and social issues. NI agriculture lacks a strategic plan that addresses its problems holistically, or … Read more

The access to justice barriers for tribunal users: a comparative case study on Special Educational Needs Tribunals

Dr Orla Drummond (Ulster) The Access to Justice Review (2) identified the difficulties faced by tribunal users in securing access to justice, and poses questions about how tribunal users might be best supported. Recent research from Ulster University’s Law School provides an in-depth examination of the barriers faced by users of Special Educational Needs Tribunals, … Read more

The role of University Law Clinics in delivering access to justice

Dr Grainne McKeever (Ulster) The Access to Justice Review (2) is intended to address the challenges faced in ensuring access to justice for citizens at a time of reduced public expenditure, and part of the remit of the Review is to identify additional or alternative forms of legal support for citizens. The Review’s Agenda identifies … Read more

Candidate Selection in Northern Ireland: a cold house for women?

Dr Neil Matthews (QUB) This presentation outlines key findings from research on party candidate selection procedures and their impact on the number of women selected to contest elections in Northern Ireland. Relatively little is known of both the nature of the selection methods adopted by Northern Ireland’s main political parties and their role in producing … Read more

The Creative Citizens Programme: Local Government involving citizens in arts development

Dr Victoria Durrer with Kevin Murphy (Voluntary arts Ireland) and Rosalind Lowry (Arts & Events Development Officer, Mid and East Antrim Council) The ‘Creative Citizens Programme’ is a partnership between Voluntary Arts Ireland (VAI) and Mid and East Antrim Borough Council. ‘Creative Citizens’ is an action research project that brings local people together with local … Read more

Deliberative Democracy in Northern Ireland: Enhancing the quality of governance by involving citizens in decision making

Dr John Garry (QUB) How can the quality of governance in Northern Ireland be enhanced? This presentation addresses this broad question by focusing on the extent to which the quality of democratic decision making in Northern Ireland may be increased by facilitating a role for the considered views of citizens. Specifically, it suggests a feasible … Read more

Engagement and Empowerment: Emancipating Health Care Support Workers to become Registered Professionals in Northern Ireland

Prof Jan Draper, Donna Gallagher (OU) and Paul Carlin (SET) Creating and enhancing career development opportunities for the healthcare support workforce and widening access to higher education are currently key priorities across the United Kingdom. The high academic attainment at GCSE and A Level required by universities challenges these two key priorities. Francis (2013) said; … Read more

Exploring Consumers’ Quality Perceptions of Local NI Food & Drink Produce

Miss Rachel Malcolmson (Ulster) The Northern Ireland (NI) agri-food industry faces significant challenges in re-building consumer confidence in the quality and authenticity of food/drink products. However, increasing demand for authentic, high quality produce, paired with a renewed sense of food patriotism, presents new growth opportunities for local and artisan food/drink products to be promoted for … Read more

NI Skills barometer: Developing skills for tomorrow’s economy

Mr Mark Magill (Ulster) This presentation addresses the widespread consensus on the value of skills both to the individual as well as the wider economy. It highlights how qualitative evidence from employers identifies skills shortages in a number of key sectors and occupations across the Northern Ireland (NI) economy. However, it notes the gap in … Read more