Drivers of Economic Growth

Hide and Seek: Where is design in the creative industries network of Northern Ireland and do we really understand its power in the growth of our economy?

Ms Michelle Douglas, Prof Karen Fleming and Prof Ian Montgomery (Ulster) In almost all the official Northern Ireland documentation highlighting statistics and reviews for the creative industries, there is very little differentiation of the sector and little recognition of design as a distinct and essential factor in success. With debate focused on end-product, digital and manufacturing sectors, there is no policy or ministerial advisory committee that promotes the value of design in Northern Ireland. Nor is there physical space or a council to advise on design policy or academic research for the creative industries. Design spans several government department remits,

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Benefiting a regional economy with societal-driven innovation adoption in high-tech small firms

Dr Brendan Galbraith and Ms Kirsty McManus (Ulster) A key question is how do business models ensure that new high-tech innovations are responsible, benefit society and are well aligned to regional policy? This is an increasingly important question for policy-makers and high tech small firms in Northern Ireland. The question is important because although innovation adoption in high-tech small firms (HTSFs) has long been a United Kingdom and European priority, and despite decades of attention, there is still a dearth of innovative HTSFs and, worryingly low participation levels of HTSFs in United Kingdom and European Research & Development and innovation funding

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Developing and harnessing golf tourism and film tourism as economic drivers

Dr Peter Bolan, Dr Karise Hutchinson and Mr Matthew Kearney (Ulster) This presentation explains that golf and film tourism are both highly lucrative and Northern Ireland must develop and plan for them in a more strategic manner. First it outlines findings from an extensive study (utilising surveys, interviews, and observation methods internationally and domestically) by Ulster Business School, which analysed and evaluated the Northern Ireland golf tourism product by focusing on perspectives of golf tourists and specialist golf tour operators with an integral economic impact assessment of the recent Irish Open 2012 at Royal Portrush. The presentation highlights how, if

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