The access to justice barriers for tribunal users: a comparative case study on Special Educational Needs Tribunals

Dr Orla Drummond (Ulster) The Access to Justice Review (2) identified the difficulties faced by tribunal users in securing access to justice, and poses questions about how tribunal users might be best supported. Recent research from Ulster University’s Law School provides an in-depth examination of the barriers faced by users of Special Educational Needs Tribunals, … Read more

The role of University Law Clinics in delivering access to justice

Dr Grainne McKeever (Ulster) The Access to Justice Review (2) is intended to address the challenges faced in ensuring access to justice for citizens at a time of reduced public expenditure, and part of the remit of the Review is to identify additional or alternative forms of legal support for citizens. The Review’s Agenda identifies … Read more

Access to Justice Through Better Decision-Making

Grainne McKeever (Ulster) The process of welfare reform highlights the pressures on government agencies to deal with an increased number of claims, which has inevitably led to an increased number of individuals disputing the decisions made on their claims. A similar pattern is evident for other government agencies, including those responsible for making decisions on … Read more