The impact of the Scottish Independence Referendum on Devolution and Governance in the United Kingdom

Dr Gerry Mooney and Dr Philip O’Sullivan (OU)  The issue of Scotland’s constitutional status is often mistakenly believed to be an issue that pertains to Scotland alone. However, with the result of the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum only very recently behind us, the consequences for the other countries that make up the United Kingdom – … Read more

Women in Politics

Professor Yvonne Galligan (QUB) Making democracy ‘fit for purpose’ is a continuing theme in 21st century politics. An aspect that has loomed large in this debate is the under-representation of women in political life. As legislatures across these islands and beyond have become more gender equal in representation, the record of women’s representation in the … Read more

Petitions of Concern

Dr Alex Schwartz (QUB) Northern Ireland’s system of government includes several mechanisms designed to facilitate inclusive cross-community power-sharing. One such mechanism is the “Petition of Concern”; any decision of the Assembly may be subjected to the requirement of cross-community consent where a Petition of Concern is signed by at least 30 MLAs. The Assembly and … Read more