Northern Ireland and Brexit: Limits and Opportunities for a New Relationship with the EU

Prof David Phinnemore (QUB) The prospect of Brexit begs questions of what new relationship the UK can and should seek to establish with the EU and how Northern Ireland can and should position itself in that relationship. Given the remain vote and post-Brexit the challenges posed not least by its geographical location, what if any … Read more

EU Policy Competences after Brexit: Issues for Northern Ireland

Dr Lee McGowan and Dr Viviane Gravey (QUB) Many aspects of public policy in Northern Ireland involved an EU dimension, being shaped in Brussels and implemented locally. The return of devolved government to Northern Ireland opened up new possibilities for engagement with the EU, provided access to specific funds and gave Northern Ireland a presence … Read more

Opportunity Brexit? Institutional Economic Implications for Northern Ireland

Dr Graham Brownlow (QUB) The vote for Brexit has created a situation where economic policy, to a certain extent, is developing faster than textbook theory. Northern Ireland’s economic predicament is a combination of UK-wide processes, more intense forms of UK-wide problems and processes unique to the region. The speed, sequence and ‘architecture’ of regional economic … Read more

The EU referendum Vote in Northern Ireland: Implications for our understanding of citizens’ political views and behaviour

Prof John Garry (QUB) Politics in Northern Ireland is typically dominated by the ethno-national divide between Catholic nationalists and Protestant unionists. The EU referendum presents an opportunity for a major political issue to cross-cut this division, with variation in both communities on the issue of EU membership. In this presentation I use data from a … Read more