Dismantling the peace walls by 2023: “rational” or “irrational” policy thinking?

Dr Jonny Byrne, Prof Cathy Gormley-Heenan and Dr Duncan Morrow (Ulster) In May 2013, the Northern Ireland Executive published a new community relations strategy document, ‘Together: Building a United Community’, which set itself the ambitious target of removing ALL interface barriers (peace walls) by 2023. Peace walls and interface barriers designed to secure communities through … Read more

Shared Education and collaboration between schools in a contested space setting

Dr Gavin Duffy and Prof Tony Gallagher (QUB) This presentation is based on a three-year study by Duffy and Gallagher (2014) from the Sharing Education Programme at the School of Education, Queen’s University Belfast. The study contextualised shared learning between pupils and collaboration between teachers and leaders within a shared education partnership, comprising of eight … Read more

Tackling Sectarianism and its consequences in Scotland: comparisons with approaches to sectarianism in NI

Dr Duncan Morrow (Ulster) Sectarian divisions from both the politics of church and state and mass immigration from Ireland have left their mark on Scottish as well as Irish society. In 2012, the Scottish Government established an Advisory Group on Tackling Sectarianism to investigate the modern legacy of sectarianism and to advise the government on … Read more