A Question of Sport: Perspectives of Children and Young People

Dr Dirk Schubotz, Dr Katrina Lloyd and Dr Martina McKnight (QUB) In 2015 ARK surveyed children and young people, who were at the end of their primary and post-primary education respectively, about their experiences of sport and physical activity. A module of questions on sport was included in the Kids Life and Times (KLT) survey … Read more

Children’s attitudes towards old age: findings from the Kids Life and Times Survey 2015

Dr Gemma M. Carney and Dr Paula Devine (QUB) Mindful of Northern Ireland’s history of religious and ethnic segregation, this paper investigates another, more prevalent form of segregation: age segregation. Public policy tends to divide people into age groups by virtue of the ‘natural’ association of childhood with schooling, middle age with work and old … Read more

Negativity toward immigrant out-groups among Northern Ireland’s Youth – are younger cohorts becoming more tolerant?

Dr Stefanie Doebler (University of Liverpool), Dr Ruth McAreavey, Prof Sally Shortall and Dr Ian Shuttleworth (QUB) Negativity toward immigrants is a known problem in Northern Ireland. Media reports of racist hate crimes have been so frequent that Northern Ireland was famously dubbed the ‘race hate capital of Europe’. There exist several accounts on this, … Read more

Legal needs of children and young people in Northern Ireland

Lesley Emerson, Professor Laura Lundy, Dr Katrina Lloyd and Dr Karen Orr (QUB) Research was carried out on behalf of the Department of Justice to explore the need for legal services for children and young people (CYP) in Northern Ireland (NI). Interviews were carried out with key stakeholders with direct experience of the legal needs … Read more