Knowledge Exchange Seminar Series (KESS)

Brexit and Northern Ireland

The Northern Ireland Bill of Rights in the Context of Brexit

Dr Anne Smith (Ulster) and Prof Colin Harvey (QUB) – This presentation focuses on an independent funded project (Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust) that seeks to address the issue of a Bill of Rights for Northern Ireland in the context of Brexit. A Bill of Rights for Northern Ireland remains part of the unfinished work of the Good Friday/Belfast Agreement. In response to its mandate under the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement, the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission (NIHRC) delivered the advice on a Bill of Rights to the British Government in 2008. The following year, in 2009, the Northern Ireland Office (NIO)

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Brexit and Northern Ireland: The Constitutional, Conflict Transformation, Human Rights and Equality Consequences (BrexitLawNI)

Prof Rory O’Connell (Ulster) and Prof Colin Harvey (QUB) – The BrexitLawNI project is a collaborative project funded by the Economic and Social Research Council.  It seeks to examine the constitutional, conflict transformation, human rights and equality consequences of Brexit.  It particularly focuses on six key issues: the Northern Ireland peace process; North-South relations; border controls and free movement in and between Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and Britain; xenophobia and racism in Northern Ireland; the impact on socio-economic rights; and the wider human rights and equality issues. The project aims to disentangle the many complex questions that have

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Making sense of Brexit’s challenges to Economic Citizenship

Dr Leslie Budd (OU) – Managing the process of the United Kingdom (UK) exiting from the European Union (EU) for Northern Ireland (NI) is the most complex and challenging one of all the UK territories. It is the only part of the UK with a contiguous border with another EU Member State that is also a member of the Eurozone. The benefits include: an all island of Ireland single market; the second largest market for NI trade; close cross-border Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and economic co-operation; and, a common travel area. If the NI economy is not to be damaged

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Northern Ireland and Brexit: Limits and Opportunities for a New Relationship with the EU

Prof David Phinnemore (QUB) The prospect of Brexit begs questions of what new relationship the UK can and should seek to establish with the EU and how Northern Ireland can and should position itself in that relationship. Given the remain vote and post-Brexit the challenges posed not least by its geographical location, what if any options are there for a bespoke status for Northern Ireland? The presentation reviews established and more recent options against the backdrop of established principles underpinning the nature and content of the relationships the EU has established with European neighbours, as well as bespoke arrangements established

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