Brexit and Northern Ireland: The Constitutional, Conflict Transformation, Human Rights and Equality Consequences (BrexitLawNI)

Prof Rory O’Connell (Ulster) and Prof Colin Harvey (QUB) –
The BrexitLawNI project is a collaborative project funded by the Economic and Social Research Council.  It seeks to examine the constitutional, conflict transformation, human rights and equality consequences of Brexit.  It particularly focuses on six key issues: the Northern Ireland peace process; North-South relations; border controls and free movement in and between Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and Britain; xenophobia and racism in Northern Ireland; the impact on socio-economic rights; and the wider human rights and equality issues. The project aims to disentangle the many complex questions that have arisen, including the significant legal and constitutional consequences that demand considered reflection.  This presentation will draw on preliminary findings of this project, identifying the legal elements of Brexit with regard to Northern Ireland, and present key apparent related policy and practice implications in a user-friendly manner.

Date of Seminar: 25 October 2017
Policy Briefing