Understanding Suicide and Suicidal Behaviour

Understanding suicide and suicidal behaviour in Northern Ireland

Prof Siobhan O’Neill (Ulster) This presentation delivers key findings from two studies of suicide in Northern Ireland about factors influencing suicide and suicidal behaviour. Included are the findings from data analysis of coronial files on 1,667 suicides and undetermined deaths from 2005-2011; which illustrate how theories relate to suicide prevention in Northern Ireland. Amongst the factors discussed are: characteristics of those who die by suicide; and, the factors associated with the deaths, including means of death, events prior to death and the role of mental and general health disorders. Whilst the links between suicidal behaviour and exposure to the violence

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An exploration of the dynamics of suicide among women

Dr Sharon Mallon (OU) There has been a great deal of concern about the rising rates of suicide in Northern Ireland. To date, the discussion has tended to focus on suicide among men, with little consideration given to suicide among women. This lack of attention is concerning as studies suggest there are important gender differences in suicidal behaviour. The aim of this presentation is to address this gap in our understanding by placing the female gender as a central factor in our analysis. The presentation delivers findings in three parts: (i) those from a literature review to provide a broad

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Exploring the relationship between anxiety /sleeping problems and suicidal behaviours

Dr Denise O’Hagan and Dr Gillian Armstrong (QUB) Rates of prescribing of drugs for anxiety and sleep problems are higher in Northern Ireland than other parts of the United Kingdom. This may be related to the higher burden of mental ill health among the NI population. The research presented in this seminar will highlight data from the Self Harm Registry in NI and the Republic of Ireland regarding the use of such medications in acts of self harm presenting to the Emergency Departments. It will also include the findings of systematic reviews looking at national prescribing rates and whether or

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