Is the idea that Northern Ireland is over-governed a myth?

Professor Derek Birrell (UU)  Much has been said about the extent to which Northern Ireland is over-governed with the solution generally seen in terms of reducing the number of departments.  Yet, to define the problem as the number of departments makes presuppositions about the issue.  Rather, the core question is what form of central administration … Read more

Promoting Alternative Dispute Resolution in Northern Ireland

Jack Anderson (QUB) In September 2011, a partnership between the NI ombudsman, the Law Centre (NI) and the School of Law at Queen’s University led to the production of a booklet called “Alternatives to Court in Northern Ireland”.  The booklet (distributed freely in Courts, Citizens Advice Bureaus; solicitors’ offices, libraries etc. across Northern Ireland) attempted … Read more

Public Attitudes to and Awareness of Peace Walls: impacting on policy

Dr Jonny Byrne, Dr Cathy Gormley Heenan & Gillian Robinson (UU) This seminar presents finding from new research examining the public’s attitudes and awareness of peace walls.  This is of particular relevance as a key commitment within Priority Four of the Programme for Government is to ‘actively seek local agreement to reduce the number of peace … Read more

How to reduce teenage pregnancy in Northern Ireland? A movie-based educational approach

Maria Lohan, Áine Aventin & Peter O’Halloran (QUB) This seminar will describe the development of an educational resource designed to increase young people’s intention to avoid adolescent pregnancy and to increase their ability to communicate about this issue.  The resource, entitled ‘If I were Jack…’ is based upon an interactive video drama which tells the … Read more

Delivering Shared Education

Professor Colin Knox & Professor Vani  Borooah (UU)   Shared education refers to schools from different sectors working together in a sustained process ranging from two or more schools making shared use of specialist facilities through to co-ordinated timetabling, and pupils taking classes across a network of schools.  Shared education is distinct from integrated education … Read more

Welfare Reform: Implications and Options

Goretti Horgan (UU) This seminar looks at the implications arising from the Welfare Reform Bill and assesses what can be done within the constraints of parity to reduce adverse impacts on people in Northern Ireland. It includes consideration of the changes to Housing Benefit regulations and the introduction of Personal Independence Payments for disabled people. … Read more

Parenting Support – A New Policy Domain in Northern Ireland and Elsewhere

Mary Daly (QUB) This presentation focuses on parenting support, which has become a major interest on the part of policy makers and the site of considerable innovation in family and social policy, not just in the UK but across Europe. The presentation outlines the objectives associated with parenting support and the variations in policy approach … Read more