Sustainable Economy

The Role of Knowledge Management in Building a Sustainable Economy in Northern Ireland

Dr Sandra Moffett (Ulster) The current Programme for Government 2011-15 focuses on growing a sustainable economy and investing in the future of Northern Ireland. To recover from the current economic downturn, organisations strive to become more innovative, streamlined and focused, providing high quality value-added goods/services to customers, in an efficient yet achievable way. To grow a strong, modern and sustainable economy many organisations are turning to Knowledge Management for business improvement and refinement. This presentation will explore Knowledge Management strategy and implementation as a building block for public, private and voluntary sector innovation. Theoretical underpinnings will be supported by United

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Can the peace dividend and devolution transform business in Northern Ireland: lessons from the UK fastest growing sub-region?

Dr Leslie Budd (OU) This presentation will consider this issue and draw on research in regard to the kind businesses and management challenges developing in Milton Keynes and its hinterland: the fastest growth region in the United Kingdom. If Milton Keynes can be considered a growth pole, what are its propulsive industries (in the sense advanced by the famous economist Joseph Schumpeter); and how can they be aligned as an ideal-typical model for a challenging socio-economic environment like Northern Ireland? Within this analysis is discussion about what kind of physical, social infrastructure and institutions (school hospitals, social, cultural and related

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