National Identity

Understanding the ‘Northern Irish’ Identity

Mr John Garry (QUB) and Mr Kevin McNicholl (QUB) This presentation outlines key findings of research that used census and survey data to examine the ‘Northern Irish’ identity. The presentation first provides a demographic profile of Northern Irish identifiers: are they different from ‘Irish’ and ‘British’ identifiers in terms of gender, age, social class, educational qualifications and religious background? Second, it focuses on attitudinal factors: are Northern Irish identifiers notably moderate or centrist in their political beliefs? Third, it focuses on behavioural factors: are Northern Irish identifiers particularly likely to engage in ‘cross community’ contact and activities? How has Northern

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Religion and National Identity in Northern Ireland: A Longitudinal Perspective 2001-2011

Dr Ian Shuttleworth (QUB) Religious denomination is a key element in understanding Northern Ireland society and politics, as it is often equated with national identity and voting intentions. It is also significant in informing debates about equality and resource allocation. Usually it is understood as a two-group ‘green and orange’ issue – Protestants/Unionists and Roman Catholics/Irish Nationalists. However, the 2011 Census showed that there was an appreciable number of ‘nones’ and ‘not stateds’. Moreover, in 2011, there was also a sizeable group who reported a Northern Ireland identity. The ‘nones’, ‘not stateds’ and Northern Irish do not appear to fall

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