Knowledge Exchange Seminar Series (KESS)

Mental Health

How will the Mental Capacity (Health, Welfare and Finance) Bill work in practice?

Dr Gavin Davidson (QUB) This presentation will use case examples to demonstrate how the proposed Mental Capacity Bill will provide a comprehensive framework for supported and substitute decision making, for people whose decision-making ability is impaired, in Northern Ireland. The case examples will cover both civil and criminal justice aspects of the new law across a range of levels and settings. This applied approach will allow the proposed assessment, intervention and review aspects of the Mental Capacity Bill to be explored. It will also facilitate consideration of: the scope of the new law; the proposed safeguards; compulsion in non-hospital settings;

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Addressing the over-representation of looked after children with mental health needs and/or disabilities in Northern Ireland

Dr Berni Kelly, Dr Sandra Dowling and Dr Karen Winter (QUB) This presentation will report on a study examining disabled looked after children in Northern Ireland. Evidence indicates that disabled children are over-represented in the public care (DHSSPSNI, 2012; Stalker & McArthur, 2010). However, limited research using differing definitions of disability and inconsistent recording systems raises questions about their over-representation. Drawing on the United Nations CRPD definition of disability (2006:4), the study includes looked after children with mental health needs, and this presentation focuses on this group, which represents a high proportion of the looked after population. The presentation will

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The Impact Study: Improving Mental Health Pathways and Care for Adolescents in Transition to Adult Services in Northern Ireland

Professor Gerard Leavey (Ulster) This presentation will focus on the provision of services for adolescents in Northern Ireland during the transitional stage from Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) to Adult Mental Health Services (AMHS). The Bamford Review highlighted concerns that services in Northern Ireland may be under resourced, patchy and inconsistent in their approach to adolescent care and service transition. The Review also questioned the strength of effective liaison and collaboration between services such as CAMHS, education, social services, criminal justice and primary care. There is continuing concern that many young people with mental health problems are lost

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The Societal Effects of Sport in Northern Ireland: Examining Marginalisation and Mental Health Issues

Dr David Hassan (Ulster) This presentation will examine a range of societal effects of participation in sport, with a particular emphasis on improving mental health. It will build on a joint ministerial initiative promoting positive mental health in rural communities through sport, which was launched in March 2013. The presentation will also outline a range of current initiatives taking place both in urban and rural settings throughout Northern Ireland in which sporting and community bodies seek to engage marginalised youth (and others) through sport. Date of seminar: 6 March 2014. See also: Policy Briefing Presentation

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