Equality in Physical Activity & Sports

‘Playing Like a Girl’: Female participation in physical activity and sport in Northern Ireland

Dr Katie Liston and Prof Marie Murphy (Ulster) This presentation examines the relationship between sport and physical activity participation, and gender in Northern Ireland and globally. By drawing on the latest peer-reviewed research on physical activity, sports participation, gender ideologies and role expectations, it describes international best practice in the promotion of women’s involvement in sport and physical activity (PA). Following this is an examination of the barriers – real and perceived – that constrain (if not prevent) girls’ and women’s full participation in sport and physical activity and a consideration of how these barriers can be overcome. Research involving

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Time to address inequalities in sports and physical activity participation

Dr Ruth Hunter and Dr Mark Tully (QUB) The prevalence of physical inactivity is rising and the inexorable slide to more inactive lifestyles offers worrying projections of future prevalence of obesity, morbidity and mortality. National guidelines recommend that adults do at least 150 minutes of physical activity per week. However, evidence shows that only 8% of adults in Northern Ireland are aware of the guidelines and over 60% are not doing enough activity. It is imperative these guidelines are followed up by innovative and sustainable action. Increasing the proportion of the population doing physical activity represents a considerable societal challenge.

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