Education, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Realising potential: Widening participation in Science and Technology

Professor Nigel J Mason (OU) The United Kingdom, like most of Europe, is struggling to attract its younger generation into Science Engineering Technology and Mathematics (STEM). This presentation will examine a number of issues: How can we both improve uptake of STEM at schools and universities, and ensure subsequent careers are attractive to the next generation? In particular, how can we encourage more women into STEM? And how can we retain women in scientific careers after the common family-based ‘career break’? How can we overcome the current small numbers of ethnic minority students in the United Kingdom’s STEM? Are there

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Creative Little Scientists

Professor Teresa Cremin (OU) This presentation is based on a comparative study funded by the European Union, which works across the four nations of the UK and eight other participating countries: Belgium, Finland, France, Greece, Germany, Malta, Portugal, and Romania. The project (2011-14) focuses on the relationships and synergies between science and mathematics education and creativity in the early years. Creative Little Scientists seeks to document current reality in the countries of the study, through undertaking policy surveys and extensive classroom focused research with children aged 3-8 years. Reviews of related literature have also been undertaken. The study aims to

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Delivering effective enterprise education – the role of learning design and technology

Professor Pauric McGowan (UU), Dr Richard Blundel (OU) and Dr Kristen Reid (OU) – Public policy statements on enterprise and entrepreneurship education have emphasised its importance in relation to the promotion of economic growth, community development and resilience. However, there is continuing debate over the nature, scope and effectiveness of existing approaches. For example, a recent United Kingdom government study found that while there is evidence of an overall strengthening of provision, enterprise and entrepreneurship, education is not yet widely embedded across the full range of vocational learning (BIS 2013). In a joint statement in 2003, the Department of Enterprise,

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