Advancing Gender Equality

Dealing with the Past in Northern Ireland: Putting Gender on the Agenda

Dr Catherine O’Rourke (Ulster) This presentation outlines research findings that aim to constructively contribute to the vexed and halting debate in Northern Ireland about dealing with the past. It seeks to usefully reframe the debate by explaining how gender should be understood as a structural factor of conflict and resolution. The presentation draws on the speaker’s comparative study of gendered approaches to dealing with the past in Chile, Northern Ireland and Colombia, as well as pertinent international legal obligations (CEDAW, United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325), to identify missed opportunities and future priorities for any process to deal with the

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Gender Equality at the Executive Level of the Northern Ireland Public Sector

Prof Joan Ballantine, Prof Kathryn Haynes, Dr Melina Manochin and Mr Tony Wall (Ulster) The issue of gender equality at senior levels in the private and public sectors is receiving ever increasing worldwide attention. Reflecting this, substantial data exists for the private sector with research broadly indicating that progress towards achieving gender equality at senior levels is slow. However, limited research has considered this issue in the context of the public sector. Recent statistics have indicated that males continue to significantly dominate senior positions in both the GB and N.I. Civil Service and across public appointments. However, whilst some limited

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Advancing Gender Equality in Northern Ireland: Addressing Domestic Violence and Human Rights Protections for Women

Prof Monica McWilliams and Prof Fionnuala Ní Aoláin (Ulster) This presentation broadly addresses issues of gender equality in the context of the Northern Ireland transition. It underscores the necessity of advancing a broad equality agenda in post-conflict Northern Ireland, which mandates directly addressing gender-based violence. The speakers’ collective research consistently connects the economic and social advancement of women’s rights with the prevention of violence against women. Based on decades of empirical research addressing the experience and regulation of domestic violence in Northern Ireland, this presentation outlines current research and data on domestic violence in Northern Ireland and elsewhere. This dovetails

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