Planning for Coastal Community Resilience

Dr Linda McElduff (Ulster) Coastal communities on the island of Ireland face a range of structural and locational challenges, including changing environmental parameters and the risk of specific coastal hazards. Such challenges have clear implications for the planning and regeneration of coastal resorts, as well as integrated coastal management. Some coastal communities are seeking to increase their adaptability through various regeneration schemes and investment strategies. In Northern Ireland the forthcoming Marine Plan presents an opportunity to increase the sustainability of the marine resource and the resilience of our coastal communities. Yet, there is an identified knowledge gap pertaining to the dynamism of the coast as part of a wider social-ecological system.This presentation highlights the need to enhance understandings of coastal resilience and advance a more strategic approach to coastal planning and regeneration. It draws upon the findings from qualitative research undertaken across the island of Irelandwhere a call for more coastal specific interventions and policy development was identified at the local level. The presentation puts forward recommendations for developing a more strategic vision in securing resilient outcomes for our coastal communities. This seminar took place on 24 May 2017. Download: Policy Briefing Presentation