A New Vision for the Education of Children and Young People in Custody

Dr Tracy Irwin & Dr John McCord (UU)

Education is a fundamental right of all children and young people and although education within custody is widely accepted as a vital medium for pro-social modelling, rehabilitation and reducing recidivism (Schuller, 2009), the educational opportunities for young people in custody can be limited and basic rights to education are often not realized (CJINI, 2011a, 2011b; Moore, 2011).  This seminar will argue that education should be re-conceptualised beyond the traditional approaches to teaching and learning and that innovative approaches to pedagogy, including the use of ICT and identification of informal learning patterns and personal interests, offer an unprecedented opportunity to improve approaches and integrate active learning in custodial environments (Irwin and Pike 2012) in order to re-orientate learners and enhance attainment and employment prospects.

Date of seminar: 21 March 2013.

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